MACRHL canceled through April 3
The city has decided to close the rink.

“Science tells us that we need decisive action to mitigate the spread of COVID-19,” said City of Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor. “It’s important we all take steps to protect our community and follow state recommendations such as, limiting non-essential work travel, encouraging employees to telework when feasible and following social distancing measures. By working together, we can slow the spread of illness.”

Beginning on Friday, March 13 through Sunday, April 5, 2020, please be advised of the following:

All parks facilities will be closed and facility recreation events will be cancelled. Parks themselves will remain open for general use.

All MACRHL games at Veteran’s Park Ice Arena 2150 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI.

 7:50 PM8:50 PM9:50 PM10:50 PM
10-JanOrange(1) v Pink(0)Red(2) v White(1)Teal(4) v Blue(1)Yellow(4) v Black(1)
17-JanTeal(2) v Red(0)Yellow(1) v Pink(0)White(2) v Black(1)Orange(3) v Blue(3)
24-JanYellow(3) v Blue(2)Black(5) v Pink(2)Orange(0) v Red(2)White(2) v Teal(2)
31-JanOrange(2) v Black(0)White(3) v Yellow(0)Teal(5) v Pink(2)Red(3) v Blue(6)
7-FebBlack(1) v Teal(3)Pink(4) v Red(5)Blue(1) v White(1)Yellow(0) v Orange(2)
14-FebRed(2) v Yellow(2)Blue(6) v Black(0)Teal(0) v Orange(0)Pink(0) v White(3)
21-FebBlue(2) v Red(1)Black(1) v Orange(2)Pink(1) v Teal(3)White(2) v Yellow(0)
28-FebTeal(4) v White(4)Orange(2) v Red(2)Yellow(3) v Blue(3)Black(4) v Pink(2)
6-MarOrange(1) v Yellow(1)Blue(2) v White(2)Red(3) v Pink(3)Teal(3) v Black(2)
13-MarWhite v BlackRed v TealPink v YellowBlue v Orange
20-MarPink v BlueYellow v TealWhite v OrangeBlack v Red
27-MarTeal v RedYellow v PinkWhite v BlackOrange v Blue
3-AprPink v OrangeBlue v TealBlack v YellowRed v White
10-AprTeal v YellowWhite v OrangeRed v BlackBlue v Pink
17-AprPink v WhiteBlack v BlueYellow v RedOrange v Teal