All games at Veteran’s Park Ice Arena 2150 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI.
Games are Friday night 7:50, 8:50, 9:50 or 10:50.

Winter 2015

7:50 PM 8:50 PM 9:50 PM 10:50 PM
23-Jan Red(2) v Yellow(4) Teal(6) v Black(6) Pink(0) v Orange(2) Green(1) v White(2)
30-Jan Orange(1) v Green(3) Red(1) v White(1) Pink(2) v Teal(1) Yellow(1) v Black(1)
6-Feb Pink(1) v Red(5) Yellow(1) v Green(5) White(0) v Black(1) Orange(2) v Teal(1)
13-Feb Green(2) v Orange(2) Teal(3) v Pink(2) Black(3) v Yellow(4) Red(2) v White(2)
20-Feb Pink(0) v Yellow(2) White(2) v Orange(2) Red(2) v Black(0) Teal(2) v Green(1)
27-Feb Black(4) v Pink(2) Green(5) v Red(2) Teal(0) v White(1) Yellow(2) v Orange(1)
6-Mar Orange(3) v Black(4) White(2) v Yellow(1) Pink(1) v Green(1) Red(3) v Teal(3)
13-Mar Green(3) v Teal(2) Yellow(2) v Pink(2) White(5) v Orange(7) Black(0) v Red(2)
20-Mar Orange(4) v Yellow(1) Teal(5) v White(4) Red(3) v Green(1) Pink(3) v Black(2)
27-Mar Yellow(3) v Teal(4) Black(1) v Green(5) Orange(3) v Red(0) White(4) v Pink(0)
3-Apr Teal(3) v Red(2) Black(2) v Orange(1) Green(1) v Pink(1) White(4) v Yellow(3)
10-Apr White(1) v Black(2) Red(1) v Pink(1) Green(3) v Yellow(0) Teal(3) v Orange(3)
17-Apr Green(2) v White(0) Black(1) v Teal(5) Yellow(6) v Red(4) Orange(4) v Pink(3)
24-Apr Pink v White Orange v Red Yellow v Blue Black v Green

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Tips to improve your game

The only way to gain confidence and skill in this area is to do it. Your teammates worked hard to pass you the puck so don’t throw it away. Keep your head up, puck in front of you and skate!

April 17, 2015 game times

7:50 Green v White
8:50 Black v Teal
9:50 Yellow v Red
10:50 Orange v Pink