All games at Veteran’s Park Ice Arena 2150 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI.
Games are Friday night 7:50, 8:50, 9:50 or 10:50.

Winter 2015

7:50 PM 8:50 PM 9:50 PM 10:50 PM
23-Jan Red(2) v Yellow(4) Teal(6) v Black(6) Pink(0) v Orange(2) Green(1) v White(2)
30-Jan Orange(1) v Green(3) Red(1) v White(1) Pink(2) v Teal(1) Yellow(1) v Black(1)
6-Feb Pink(1) v Red(5) Yellow(1) v Green(5) White(0) v Black(1) Orange(2) v Teal(1)
13-Feb Green(2) v Orange(2) Teal(3) v Pink(2) Black(3) v Yellow(4) Red(2) v White(2)
20-Feb Pink(0) v Yellow(2) White(2) v Orange(2) Red(2) v Black(0) Teal(2) v Green(1)
27-Feb Black(4) v Pink(2) Green(5) v Red(2) Teal(0) v White(1) Yellow(2) v Orange(1)
6-Mar Orange v Black White v Yellow Pink v Green Red v Teal
13-Mar Green v Teal Yellow v Pink White v Orange Black v Red
20-Mar Orange v Yellow Teal v White Red v Green Pink v Black
27-Mar Yellow v Teal Black v Green Orange v Red White v Pink
3-Apr Teal v Red Black v Orange Green v Pink White v Yellow
10-Apr White v Black Red v Pink Green v Yellow Teal v Orange
17-Apr Green v White Black v Teal Yellow v Red Orange v Pink
24-Apr Pink v White Orange v Red Yellow v Blue Black v Green

Winter Schedule PDF

Forward Positions-Wings

In the Defensive Zone resist the temptation to chase the puck too deep, stay above the top of the circles. Always be ready to receive a pass from either your defenseman or the center. Keep your feet moving and cover the opposing defenseman. When in possession of puck, bank it off the boards to break it out of the zone, look up and pass it to one of your other forwards rushing out of the zone, or carry it and get a breakaway.

March 6 game times

7:50 Orange v Black
8:50 White v Yellow
9:50 Pink v Green
10:50 Red v Teal

Skate hard!