All games at Veteran’s Park Ice Arena 2150 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI.
Games are Friday night 7:50, 8:50, 9:50 or 10:50.

Fall 2015 Schedule

copy and paste this for ical:

7:50 PM 8:50 PM 9:50 PM 10:50 PM
18-Sep White(2) – Black(3) Red(2) – Pink(2) Teal(3) – Yellow(1) Blue(2) – Orange(2)
25-Sep Pink(1)- Yellow(0) White(2) – Orange(1) Red(2) – Black(2) Blue(3) – Teal(5)
2-Oct Yellow(2) – Blue(0) Black(2) – Teal(2) Orange(3) – Red(2) White(3) – Pink(2)
9-Oct Teal – Orange Blue – Pink Black – Yellow Red – White
16-Oct Black – Pink Teal – Red Blue – White Yellow – Orange
23-Oct Pink – Red Yellow – Teal White – Black Orange – Blue
30-Oct Orange – Black White – Yellow Pink – Teal Red – Blue
6-Nov Orange – Teal Red – White Pink – Blue Yellow – Black
13-Nov no games
20-Nov Pink – White  Orange – Red Yellow – Blue Black – Teal
27-Nov Thanksgiving week Drop-in
4-Dec Orange – Yellow Blue – White Red – Teal Pink – Black
11-Dec Teal – White Black – Blue Yellow – Red Orange – Pink
18-Dec Teal – Blue Yellow – Pink White – Orange Black – Red
25-Dec no games
1-Jan no games
8-Jan Blue – Red Black – Orange Teal – Pink White – Yellow
15-Jan Red – Yellow Blue – Black Pink – Orange Teal – White

Delayed Off Sides

When any player of the attacking team crosses the blue line before the puck, the ref raises her arm. If an offending player does not touch the puck and her goes back into the neutral zone (one skate touching the line) and all of her teammates are also in the neutral zone with at least one skate touching the blue line or in the neutral zone then the delayed off-side is waved off (the ref’s arm will drop to his side) and the attacking players can now go after the puck that is in the attacking zone. Each player must wait until all of her other teammates also have at least one skate on the blue line or in the neutral zone before being allowed to chase after the puck. So when you hear everyone yelling “OFF OFF OFF“, check your position to see if you are off sides!

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