Fall 2015

Managers will contact via email before the first game.
Season starts September 18, 2015.
All games at Veteran’s Park Ice Arena 2150 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI.
See Schedule for game times.

Blue  BLUE
Pyper Alpern
Susan Bayne
Karen Coulter
Cortny McAdoo
Diana Miller
Gina Noveskey manager
Wendy Rampson-Gage
Krisha Schumann
Chelsea Slovinski
Jill Thacher
Nancy Whitney
Orange  ORANGE
Nancy Atkinson
Katherine Blumhardt
Janine Capsouras
Jacqueline Kaufman
Anna Kirkland
Tiffany Marra
Tammy McCullough manager
Mich Rasulis
Judy Shatter
Marie Songer
Carole Stanyar
pink  PINK
Sharon Bajwa
Jessica Burnside
Lin Buyher
Catherine Dennis
Erika Johnson
Laurie Krauth
Maria Lesperance
Sarah Lewis
Heidi Morse
Jen Sieracki split
Julie Walsh manager
Rose Wywrot split
Red  RED
Nicole Beetsch
Pamela Bennett manager
Bev Burgett
Lynn Garbacz
Brandi Josephs split
Nancy Linde
Karen Millman split
Tara Ragatz
Jaqui Shaffer
Susan Torrible split
Helen Wojcinski
 Whitney Williams
Black  BLACK
Lindsey Carlin
Marie Duke
Rachel Geisert manager
Natalie Grantham
Darla House
Katrina Maguire
Laura Modjeski
Leah Monteith
Lisa Powell
Mary Wagner
Teal  TEAL
Kelly Bosch manager
Lisa Cross
Ann Fioritto
Kristen Gillsey (Split)
Michele Gillsey (Split)
Emily Jones
Julie Klima
Sharon Lehr
Amanda Manly
Misty Periard
Beth Shaffer
White  WHITE
Shelley Daily
Monica DiMagno
Diane Flucht
Laura Konrad
Denise Lassaline
Beth Pascoe manager
Denise Robaczewski
Elizabeth Taylor
Marci Tuzinsky
Nicole Zanier
 Alexis Hatchard
Yellow  YELLOW
Lisa Brown
Sherry Grant
Julie Jarzembowski
Sheri Kamm manager
Michelle Koerschner
Angie Miller
Angie Nagy split
Carol O’Donohue
Kim Paterson
Katie Rokakis
Heather Shymanski
Kathy Wilson split

Delayed Off Sides

When any player of the attacking team crosses the blue line before the puck, the ref raises her arm. If an offending player does not touch the puck and her goes back into the neutral zone (one skate touching the line) and all of her teammates are also in the neutral zone with at least one skate touching the blue line or in the neutral zone then the delayed off-side is waved off (the ref’s arm will drop to his side) and the attacking players can now go after the puck that is in the attacking zone. Each player must wait until all of her other teammates also have at least one skate on the blue line or in the neutral zone before being allowed to chase after the puck. So when you hear everyone yelling “OFF OFF OFF“, check your position to see if you are off sides!

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