Fighting policy:

MACRHL has zero tolerance for fighting and abusive language. Just one fighting penalty and you will be dismissed from the league. If this is a problem for you, don’t waste your money.

No Goalie policy:

Place nets face down with the tops of the goals facing each other. Shoot at the small netted area. To score, you have to hit the net –not the bars.

Substitute players policy:

  • You can sub only one game every other week unless there are no other players interested in subbing. Do not sub two weeks in a row. Players who are splitting a spot can only sub on nights they are skating . This allows other players an opportunity to sub.
  • Note: You CAN sub two weeks in a row only if other players who didn’t sub aren’t interested or available, we don’t want teams to play short.
  • If you are interested in subbing, remove your jersey and meet in the lobby. Managers will let you know which team you are playing for. Players are distributed based on:
    • Subbed already that night.
    • Subbed the previous week.
    • Skill level
  • As a sub, if you are playing against your own team (the time slot you’re scheduled to play) you personally have the usual three goal limit per game.
  • One sub goal (per team) counts per period.
  • You can sub during the playoffs.
  • The managers are trying to replace their missing players with other players of approximately the same skill level, so please keep that in mind if you are not selected to sub.

Tie Breakers :

  • Total Points
  • Number of Wins
  • Head to Head
  • Lowest Goals Against

Refund policy:

If you registered to play and then find out for some reason you will be unable to play and contact us before the season starts that you will be unable to play you will receive a full refund of the amount you paid.
If you are registered to play are placed on a team and only play the first game of the season and contact us before the second game of the season that you will not be able to finish the season you will receive all but your $50 deposit back once we receive the jersey.
If you have played more than one game we do not refund any money.

Player Expectations


MACRHL started as a great place for women to play no stress hockey. This league is designed to be a fun place for women to play hockey, to learn the game, meet new friends and try something new. The board wants to make sure that the level of sportsmanship lives up to the MACRHL tradition. We will not tolerate any un-sportsman like players. Please remember what it means to be a good sportsman. It means that you do not swear, slash, rough up other players, harm any player – or goalie, speak disrespectful to the refs.


This league was never designed to make a profit. We want to keep our costs as low as possible. With that in mind, we need to remind everyone that we need each and every payment to be able to pay our ice fees and continue this league. Please be mindful of payment deadlines. If payment is not received, you may be restricted from continuing to play until your balance is paid.


Insurance is important not only for you, but for each and every player. Every player MUST have insurance through USA Hockey. No player will be allowed to play without proof of insurance. You must submit your insurance before the first game – if we have not received it by the night of the first game, you will be unable to play until we do get proof.

Experienced Players:

MACRHL was started to be a Recreational Hockey league. As the women’s hockey world grows larger, we continue to see a huge difference in the skill levels of this league. It is very important to the Board that this league continues to be a league that is fun for all. We expect a lot out of our more experienced players. Since we do not have coaches we all learn from each other. Our hope is that our higher level players will seek out the beginners to lend them a hand, help them understand the game and make sure they are having fun. We also expect our experienced players to play with a lot of respect for the game. That being said, we expect them to be aware of who you are playing against on the ice, and if it is one of those newer players, to take that into account.


Delayed Off Sides

When any player of the attacking team crosses the blue line before the puck, the ref raises her arm. If an offending player does not touch the puck and her goes back into the neutral zone (one skate touching the line) and all of her teammates are also in the neutral zone with at least one skate touching the blue line or in the neutral zone then the delayed off-side is waved off (the ref’s arm will drop to his side) and the attacking players can now go after the puck that is in the attacking zone. Each player must wait until all of her other teammates also have at least one skate on the blue line or in the neutral zone before being allowed to chase after the puck. So when you hear everyone yelling “OFF OFF OFF“, check your position to see if you are off sides!

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