MACRHL is a recreational hockey league for women who want to play hockey in a stress-free, relaxed, and friendly environment. No Experience is Necessary! Full hockey equipment is required.

Beginners are welcomed and encouraged. Team managers assist in learning the fundamentals of the game. Your teammates will also guide you as you learn the game. All coaching and mentoring is done in a patient, constructive manner to encourage beginners to stick with the game. Each session, this league has many novice players and at least one new player. You will not be alone!!

MACRHL has zero tolerance for fighting and abusive language. Just one fighting penalty and you will be dismissed from the league. Don’t waste your money if this is a problem for you!

MACRHL sessions consist of 15 games, one per week. All games are played on Friday nights at Veteran’s Park Ice Arena 2150 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 For a map to Vet’s, see our map to Vets or Arena Maps .

Games begin at 7:50, 8:50, 9:50 or 10:50. There are two sessions: October through January and late January through May. To give you the most ice for your money, games consist of two 22 minute periods. All games are officiated by certified referees and USA Hockey rules apply.

Players are assigned to teams with the intention of distributing skill levels as evenly as possible. Requests to be placed on the same team with other individuals will be considered, but not guaranteed. Teams may be rearranged during the season in an attempt to maintain reasonable competition.

Delayed Off Sides

When any player of the attacking team crosses the blue line before the puck, the ref raises her arm. If an offending player does not touch the puck and her goes back into the neutral zone (one skate touching the line) and all of her teammates are also in the neutral zone with at least one skate touching the blue line or in the neutral zone then the delayed off-side is waved off (the ref’s arm will drop to his side) and the attacking players can now go after the puck that is in the attacking zone. Each player must wait until all of her other teammates also have at least one skate on the blue line or in the neutral zone before being allowed to chase after the puck. So when you hear everyone yelling “OFF OFF OFF“, check your position to see if you are off sides!

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